Weekly Spending 7/31 – 8/6

$1 (change of address with USPS)

No spend!

$625 (August rent)

$4.50 (ice cream)
$1 (website account verification)


$200 (living expenses)
$5 (travel)
$50 (emergency fund)
$19.61 (debt repayment fund)

Debt repayment:
$400 (Debt #1) (PAID IN FULL EEEEEEE)

$15.58 (groceries)
$4.99 (aluminum foil)
$1.17 (laundry soap)

Debt repayment:
$60 (Debt #2)

$10 (Rover background check)

No spend!

This paycheck was low. Like hundreds of dollars less than it usually is due to some forced time off due to illness. I knew this was coming and I’ve been really nervous about it, but I hustled and have been socking away little amounts of money from selling things and whatnot for the past two weeks. Those little bits add up and I was able to pay off Debt #1 IN FULL! This debt was a loan from a dear friend and I let her know in July it might not happen until the 18th…but I am so happy I could do it now! I also cut my travel and living expenses savings down from their normal levels to meet this goal, but I already have a plan to make that up with my next normal paycheck.

I also moved on August 1 but thanks to my budgeting in July it was a relatively painless process, and it only cost the USPS change of address fee and $5 at Dutch Bros to buy coffee for a friend who helped me move most of my stuff early (I do still owe her baked goods.)

I definitely spent more than I wanted to this week, but I don’t regret things like going for ice cream with my new roommates, or getting some tasty milk that’s a little more expensive. And I’m still on track with my savings and debt repayment.

August Budget 

Twice a month I’ll be posting about my budget, first my plan for the month and then how the numbers worked out at the end of the month. So without further ado, here’s the plan for August!


Expected: $1,550


Rent: $625
Utilities: $100
Sportsing: $40
Phone: $0
Transportation: $20
Food: $100


Travel: $50
Emergency Fund: $100


Debt #1: $400
Debt #2: $50
Debt #3: $290

A few notes:

This is the only month I’ll have a $0 phone bill as I am switching from a pre-paid plan with T-Mobile to a pay what you use plan with Ting on the 19th. So I won’t get billed again until September, and hopefully it’ll be less than half my previous cell bills (more on that in a future post!)

Debt #1 will be wiped out after that $400 payment (hooray!) and all money after that will be sent to Debt #2, so that number is approximate. Depending on my paychecks I may be able to contribute more.

I’m building up my emergency fund while simultaneously paying down debt, so both will be going a bit slower but this way makes me feel safer. And that travel savings is the carrot that keeps me motivated. Both of those savings categories  are an automatic transfer on payday so I don’t even have to think about them. 

I’m aware those debt repayment numbers are really ambitious…it makes me nervous but it also makes me motivated to hustle for some extra cash and keep my life frugal.


…to my blog, Debt Free Raccoon! Here I will be discussing all the ways I’m trying to live my best trash panda life, first and foremost by becoming debt free. I’ll be discussing ways I’ve frugalized my life, budgets, my attempts at minimalism, and anything else that comes to mind in pursuit of my goals.