Weekly Spending 7/31 – 8/6

$1 (change of address with USPS)

No spend!

$625 (August rent)

$4.50 (ice cream)
$1 (website account verification)


$200 (living expenses)
$5 (travel)
$50 (emergency fund)
$19.61 (debt repayment fund)

Debt repayment:
$400 (Debt #1) (PAID IN FULL EEEEEEE)

$15.58 (groceries)
$4.99 (aluminum foil)
$1.17 (laundry soap)

Debt repayment:
$60 (Debt #2)

$10 (Rover background check)

No spend!

This paycheck was low. Like hundreds of dollars less than it usually is due to some forced time off due to illness. I knew this was coming and I’ve been really nervous about it, but I hustled and have been socking away little amounts of money from selling things and whatnot for the past two weeks. Those little bits add up and I was able to pay off Debt #1 IN FULL! This debt was a loan from a dear friend and I let her know in July it might not happen until the 18th…but I am so happy I could do it now! I also cut my travel and living expenses savings down from their normal levels to meet this goal, but I already have a plan to make that up with my next normal paycheck.

I also moved on August 1 but thanks to my budgeting in July it was a relatively painless process, and it only cost the USPS change of address fee and $5 at Dutch Bros to buy coffee for a friend who helped me move most of my stuff early (I do still owe her baked goods.)

I definitely spent more than I wanted to this week, but I don’t regret things like going for ice cream with my new roommates, or getting some tasty milk that’s a little more expensive. And I’m still on track with my savings and debt repayment.